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we lost! let's riot! we won! let's riot!

the best in the midwest (or at least, the funniest)

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oh hay if you like columbus you can join this community

"i need some spare change, i know it might sound strange. help is on the way!"
"parking", #1 football team, 14-0 carryout, 30 days, 43201, 614, american apparel, asian yum yum, axis, being better than cincinnati, bernie's, big momma, bike messengers, bike scenesters, blueprint, brett jones, brother jed/sister cindy, bustown, calltech, campus partners, campus police lol, capital regiment, cbus, ccad, cd101, city center atrophy, cleveland avenue, clintonville, columbus, columbus coated fabrics, columbus hip-hop, columbus state, comfest, cota, crackheads/assorted bums, creative bums, damon zex, digital children, dimebag darrell, dip city downtown, don robinson, drag races on 14th, dublin's irsh festival, east 5th avenue, evolved body art, flipping cars over, gallery hop, gay and high, gentrification fuck yeah!, goodale park, gore grindcore, gorgeous victorian homes, help is on the_way, high street, hilliard, hip-hop, hound dog's, huntington bank rulez, i fucking love columbus, illegal immigrants, illogic, jazz and ribs, jen yoder, jeni's ice cream unfunf, jeremyxhurd=hardcore scene, just pies, lame scenesters, laughing at the cops, little brothers, magnolia thunderpussy, making conservatives uncomfortable, marcon, maurice clarett, mayor coleman, midgard, midwest jumpinships, monday night bike ride, morrill/lincoln towers, new bomb turks, nonoperational short north arches, north market, ohio, ohio's best thrift store, omnimix, orange barrels, osu, overcast weather, paula the fag hag, pbj crew, porch couches, r.i.p insomnia, rag-o-rama, rapping bums, ricart, riced out cars, rioting, road tripping to shows, rocky horror at studio35, scrotum grinder, setting couches on fire, shady plasma donation centers, shitty high school bands, shorts over pants, skully's, sleeping with rockelle, snow in may, somali refugees, spitball, stained skin, stupid frat idiots, summit station, taco ninja, terrorist threats at polaris, the 270 sniper, the alrosa, the bluejackets, the bottoms, the buggyworks=cum, the cinema eye, the coffee table, the doodah parade, the drexel theaters, the dube, the east side, the high five, the kubat family, the marching fidels, the outland, the piano peddler, the reverend shawn lower, the short north, the state fair, the stone couch, the transvestite homeless, tvs in shopping carts, ummmmmm hay guiez, union station, used kids, vintage store drug fronts, vomitrocity, we love gay people, we voted for kerry, wendy's, where's the fucking bus?, white castle, whitehall, who goes to fate?, worthington, ye olde kroger/kroghetto, zak starkey