Justin R. Stanley (prolific_as_fuk) wrote in columbusfucks,
Justin R. Stanley

a book club that's not Oprah's

what's this? a picture of a studious owl in a cape? this can only mean one thing..


so, melissa marrara (ookinete) and myself are putting together a book club (sweet name pending) that would meet up once a month in one of our living rooms bitch about how out of hand the hipster thing is getting, share the sweet gossip, and discuss literrraturre.

we we're also thinking, since it's only once a month, making it into a potluck dinner/book club combo. books are pretty sweet, but to combine ones love of reading, cooking and the sharing of food would be fucking amazing. it would have to be vegetarian only since there are just too many of them.

also, no crusties PLZ. they would just eat all the food and not read the books and ultimately ruin the book club. so seriously, no crusties.

the first book mel and i are considering is infinite jest by david foster wallace but this is not set in stone as there is no hierarchy in (sweet name pending). all participating members would have as much say as we do so please feel free to share your ideas because ultimately those ideas will sculpt what this can/will become.

so after reading all that, if you're still interested hit me up at angrymonk@gmail.com. feel free to send suggestions as well (name ideas[think food/reading], book suggestions, meeting times etc). once i get a few people there will be a mailinglist and possibly a messageboard.

so who wants to eat and read with us?

UPDATE: the meetings would take place around the osu campus area.
also if you're seriously interested give an email address so we can get in contact with you.

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